Research Interests

Health economics and policy evaluation: healthcare provider incentives and behaviors, addiction policy,  public insurance programs, incentivized medical-fraud enforcement, and corruption.


Peer Reviewed Publications

14. Nguyen, TD, Muench, U., Andraka-Christou, B, Bradford, D, Simon, KI, & Spetz, J. The Association between Scope of Practice Regulations and Nurse Practitioner Prescribing of Buprenorphine after the 2016 Opioid Bill. Medical Care Research and Review. (Link)

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12. Sacks, D. W., Hollingsworth A., Nguyen T. D., & Simon K. (2020). Can Policy Affect Initiation of Addictive Substance Use? Evidence from Opioid Prescribing. Journal of Health Economics. A previous version appeared as NBER Working paper #25974. (Link)

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1. Nguyen, T. D., Bradford, W. D., & Simon, K. I. (2019). Pharmaceutical payments to physicians may increase prescribing for opioids. Addiction, 114(6), 1051-1059. (Link)


In the News

“Data Resources on Medical Providers”, American Resources on Medical Providers, 2020 (Link)

“IU study looks at the effect of Medicaid expansion on hiring attempts in substance use treatment workforce”, IU Research Impact, January 2020 (Link)

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“Prescription Limits May Increase Opioid Exposure”, The Washington Free Beacon, June 2019 (Link)

“The (Human) Cost of Greed”, The Medicine Maker magazine, 11/27/2019 (Link)


Papers under Review

Nguyen, T. D., Bradford, W. D., & Simon, K. I. How do Provider Restrictions on Prescription Opioids Affect Pharmaceutical Promotions? Lessons from the Mandatory Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs. No. w26356. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2019. (Link)

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Gupta, S., Nguyen T.D., Rojas, F., Raman, S., Lee, B., Bento, A., Simon, K., Wing, C..  Tracking Public and Private Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic: Evidence from State and Local Government Actions. No. w27027. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2020. (Link)

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Nguyen, T.D., Andraka-Christou, B., Bradford, D., & Simon, K. Who Participates in SAMHSA’s Buprenorphine Practitioner Locator?

Perez, V., Nguyen, T. D., Understanding Heterogeneity in State Demand for Decentralized Fraud Enforcement: Evidence from US Medicaid Program.


Working Papers

Nguyen, T. D. & Lee, B. Today’s Lesson is Tomorrow’s Practice: The Early Exposure to State Restrictive Marketing Policies in Medical School Discourages Physicians from Receiving Pharmaceutical Payments. *

Nguyen, T.D., Simon, K., Bradford, D., & Conti, R. Does Expansion of Public Health Insurance Affect Prescription Drug Marketing?*